Food at Kouchin

Selection of Indian foodAt Kouchin we have tried to put the past behind us and move into the present.

The Indian cuisine served here is an amalgam of old and new. The menu is a stunning repertoire of favourite Indian dishes of the last 30 years and a 200 year old style of cooking deemed so spectacular that, until now, only a few places in the world were able to create it.

This is the legendary Dom Phukt Indian cuisine, created by the Moghuls (Turk Monguls by origin and Muslim by religion). The so-called mystical “Food of Kings”. The Moghuls were lovers of nature and the good life with a keen sense of beauty and a passion for elegance. This was reflected in the presentation of food with delicately flavoured mouth watering dishes, and superb silky sauces, delivered with style, panache and distinction.

Food that is served at its best quality, as one would say “Bon Appetit” Shobo Bhujon