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Woodthorpe road in Ashford was lit up on Tuesday night by the opening of a new Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine restaurant, Kouchin. To mark the occasion 100 personal invites were sent to people in the area.

The artistic decor with warm colours and tones gives the restaurant a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Its comfortable surroundings were mirrored by a pleasant reception and friendly staff; guests were spoiled by an almost endless supply of first class appetisers and main courses. With a successful turn out the fresh, modern restaurant was getting the praise it deserved.

Talking to Mr. Ali, the chef, he said he really wanted to put together a menu that was different to what people were used to. As a result the menu had an added Moglai gourmet section. These dishes represent the style of cooking known as “Dumpukht”, which originated in the food courts of the Moghul Emperors and represent the pinnacle of Indian dinning.

With the evening winding down and everyone making a gracious exit, the co-owner Mr. Islam said it went very well. So he should, with enjoyable food in a well presented setting this new venture made for a pleasurable evening for all.

(From “Your Local Guardian” Newspaper – 20 September 2007)